Litigation Support

Lex Connect Consulting deploys resources to help in-house and litigation counsel teams in the following


  • Review and Analysis of documents
  • Privilege review
  • Confidentiality review
  • Redactions
  • Privilege and Redaction logs


Early Case Assessment

An efficient, quick review targeting the core issues to identify the “Hot” documents and establish whether we have a case to pursue/defend or not.

Timeline summary

A timeline summary of events corresponding to “Hot” documents to give a comprehensive date wise progression in the case events.


  • Bank Investigations
  • Product litigations
  • Contract obligations
  • IP infringement
  • FCPA investigations
  • SEC investigations
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • DoJ Investigations
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  • Internal enquiries


Deposition Summarization

Detailed and accurate summarization of deposition transcripts.

Value add: Comprehensive timeline summary of the “Hot” discussion or the key issues of the case; along with rest of the deposition summary document.