Entry Strategy In India

Lex Connect Consulting partners with global corporations intending to set foot in India by providing the following illustrative services:

Setting up Small Units: Setting up a small unit of your Company with five to ten dedicated resources excelling in required technology/legal/accounting/compliance field. This service includes but is not limited to setting up a devoted unit for the Company from scratch by identifying talent to hiring and to stabilizing the process and ensuring data secured atmosphere per your Company policies by giving utmost attention to the detailed requirements of the Company.
Core Team: Owning a “core team” without setting up a small unit is a viable solution for Company’s. Lex Connect Consultng provides resources to form a “core team” that will be dedicated to all off assignments off-shored by Company. This core team will comprise of experienced resources and will provide services out of a data secure space provided per Lex Connect Consulting’s policies and guidelines.

*For select Customers