Litigation Support

Lex Connect Consulting deploys resources to help in-house and litigation counsel teams in the following


Review and Analysis of documents
Privilege review
Confidentiality review
Privilege and Redaction logs

Early Case Assessment

An efficient, quick review targeting the core issues to identify the “Hot”
documents and establish whether we have a case
to pursue/defend or not.

Timeline summary

A timeline summary of events corresponding to “Hot”
documents to give a comprehensive date wise progression in
the case events

Deposition Summarization

Detailed and accurate summarization of deposition transcripts.

Value add: Comprehensive timeline summary of the “Hot” discussion or the key issues of the case; along with rest of the deposition summary document.


Bank Investigations
Product litigations
Contract obligations
IP infringement
FCPA investigations
SEC investigations
Merger & Acquisition
DoJ Investigations
Internal enquiries